Because projects differ so widely in their contexts, stakeholders, scope, timing and budgets, ESD has developed a wide range of professional services, including the following:

  • public collaborative 'Enquiry by Design' processes for a wide range of urban development projects, including Design Workshops, Sustainable Design Training Workshops and Charrettes. These transparent, stakeholder-collaborative and integrative design-based processes quite consistently and quickly inspire a favourable 'culture shift' among stakeholders, and are extremely effective means of transforming visions into reality.
  • design, management and implementation of mixed-use, transit-oriented and sustainable urbanism developments at scales from towns and neighbourhoods, to smaller more detailed developments, including architectural design
  • regional-scale design-based structure planning for sustainable urban growth and/or revitalisation
  • revitalisations of existing urban centres
  • town planning and architectural services to support implementation of urban design projects
  • authoring of design and development-related books, planning reports and innovative regulatory documents
  • project scoping and preparation of project briefs
  • peer reviews of major projects
  • public lectures and training workshops

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