Sustainable Design Training Workshops

The Sustainable Design Training Workshop aims specifically to improve the understanding and practical skills of government and/or private sector practitioners.  Lasting a week or sometimes longer, these exercises may engage government staff, elected leaders, private sector design professionals and developers.  The first several days involve lectures by ESD, together with place-specific analyses and discussions on urban design principles, built examples, regulatory mechanisms and social, economic and environmental trends relevant to the government area.  ESD then collaborates with participants in a non-binding multi-day Enquiry by Design exercise for a relevant urban development area.

ESD has led Sustainable Design Training Workshops for the cities of Waitakere (Auckland, NZ), Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, and in 1999 in the UK for the Prince’s Foundation and the UK Government, with specific design workshops involving Basildon and Northampton (now being implemented by English Partnerships).