Chip Kaufman and Wendy Morris, ESD's directors, regularly give presentations at conferences, universities and for other organisations.  Recent presentations have included: 

  • Adaptive Re-use of the Railway Workshops in Midland WA’s Transit-Oriented Revitalisation: Contention between Green and Heritage issues by Chip Kaufman at the CNU Green Council, US National Capitol, Washington DC, December 2007
  • The Western Australian Liveable Neighbourhoods Design Code and Policy by Wendy Morris and Ellen Greenberg at the CNU Transportation Summit, London, November 2007
  • Australian New Urbanism – An overview and introduction to the Australian New Urbanism Projects Book by Wendy Morris at the National Conference of the Planning Institute of Australia, Perth, 2007
  • Sustainable Urbanism – A New Agenda for Growth and A New Role for Schools by Wendy Morris at the Catholic Education Office National Planning Conference, Melbourne, October 2007
  • Street Network Design for Walkability and The Pedshed Mapping Technique by Wendy Morris and Achieving More Walkable Urban Development by Chip Kaufman at the Walk 21 World Conference, Melbourne, October 2006
  • Regional Australian New Urbanism by Wendy Morris at the RAIA NSW Country Division Convention, Coffs Harbour, October 2006
  • Sustainable Development and Urban Planning – Sharing the Agenda Towards More Active and Healthy Communities by Wendy Morris at the Urbanism, Environment and Health Conference, Canberra, May 2006
  • Keynote addresses on Wodonga’s New Urban Initiatives by Chip Kaufman and Wendy Morris at Wodonga’s New Urban Initiatives Conference, March 2006
  • New Lynn Ten Years On – Delivering Community Outcomes by Chip Kaufman at the Community & Leisure Facilities Conference, Melbourne, 2005
  • An Overview of Australian New Urbanist Projects by Wendy Morris and Integrated Urban Structuring by Chip Kaufman at ACNU - Second Australian Congress for New Urbanism, Sydney, 2005
  • Regional Structuring for TOD by Chip Kaufman at the Transit Oriented Development Conference, Perth, 2005
  • Western Sydney Urban Land Release - Regional Scale Urban Structure Planning by Chip Kaufman and Wendy Morris at CNU Annual Congress XIII, Pasadena, USA, 2005
  • Sustainable Urban Design and Health by Wendy Morris at the Health-By-Design Workshop, RMIT University, Melbourne, 2005
  • Context-Sensitive Street Standards by Wendy Morris at the CNU Annual Congress XII, Chicago, USA, 2004